Theft protection

Security made in germany.

TRUCKBLOCKADE Anti-theft system & immobilizer


Robust and solid steel!

If you want to protect your vehicle or its rims from theft, there is only one chance: you have to make the long fingers difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable as possible. Then choose another, easier target. That's why TRUCKBLOCKADE offers you the most effective protection with the anti-theft protection as a sturdy, solid steel construction without a frills.

A brutal monster!

The TRUCKBLOCKADE's anti-theft protection is really brutal! And look off for autoclaves. She weighs about 13 Kg! And is about 45 cm wide and up to 100 cm long. What is hard and sturdy is also good!

Pure mechanical, without electronics!

The anti-theft protection of TRUCKBLOCKADE is purely mechanical, and for a good reason. Electronic theft protection is often a power-emitter and often easy to manipulate if you have the necessary equipment. Often a laptop with appropriate software and a data cable is enough. Especially with high-quality SUVs and luxury car the thieves possess exactly this equipment.

Double protection for cases!

The anti-theft device from TRUCKBLOCKADE has two independent safety features. The anti-theft device is secured from the outside with a safety key. Should someone actually crack the security lock, it does not use the thief. Because behind the lock is a specially shaped adapter as a mount for the crank. Similar to what you might already know from wheel locks or wheel locks. Only with the original crank, with the matching adapter, the ferrule of the wheel claw can be opened again.

Theft protection in wind and weather!

Whether at 30 degrees minus or tropical heat, the theft protection of TRUCKBLOCKADE is the thing. It consists of steel, large, solid bolts and threads. The water, mud, snow and great temperature fluctuations can do nothing.

Fits almost all vehicles!

The TRUCKBLOCKADE mechanical anti-theft system fits almost every vehicle from a wheel size of 16 inches up to a wheel diameter of 120 cm. Ideal for sports cars with large rims and wide tires, or SUVs, pickups, trucks, trailers, trailers, caravans.

Installed in seconds!

Despite its massive exterior, TRUCKBLOCKADE's anti-theft protection is mounted in just a few seconds. They simply lay around the wheel and tighten the ferrule with the included special crank handle. Then just close the crank socket using the safety lock. Finished!

Protection & Security a lifetime!

If you sell your vehicle, then your TRUCKBLOCKADE anti-theft system will fit your next vehicle again. So you have protection & security your life long.


Security from Germany

R. Schumann, Developer, managing director

The challenge

Often the own problem solution leads to innovative ideas. So it was with us in the beginning of 2017. We searched for the vehicles of our allradland offroad car park after an effective theft protection.

What there was to buy in the market did not keep his promises, was not worth the money. The tried and tested "yellow and orange" wheel claws from China could be easily bend with a bar! In some offers, the wheel clamps were even only made of aluminum, which could be bend with pure muscle power. Also, most were only for max. 15 inch wheels suitable, simple toys.

TRUCKBLOCKADE is now our answer. A unique, robust and massive anti-theft device made of steel, suitable for high-quality vehicles.
Keeps a lifetime.

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