Park claw

Vehicle security for authorities, police, bailiffs.

TRUCKBLOCKADE Anti-theft system & immobilizer

Finish off with notorious false parking! House entrance blockers! Unauthorized tenant parking space users!

Anyone  who has not come out of his house entrance, garage, or property exit, just when one is in a hurry, knows what I am talking about. There are notorious Falschparker, ruthless, egoistic persons, who were very little interested in whether readable on the "day + night to be released exit" was pointed out. This is the case with tenant or customer parking spaces, which have often been built with considerable investment in inner city locations. The more annoying, if the legitimate user can not park, therefore, his business is not visited. Or a tenant comes home in the evening and his car park is an unauthorized vehicle  .

With TRUCKBLOCKADE's robust, massive parkcrime & wheel safety system, you will be able to stop false parking as a property owner, house administrator or parking space administrator, right up to the enforcement of claims for damages. The learning effect is enormous. No wrong parker will, after acquaintance with the park claw of TRUCKBLOCKADE it want to try again.

A further use in addition to the protection against the theft is the use for securing Pfänder within an enforcement measure by bailiffs, insolvency administrators, police or authorities.

In addition, TRUCKBLOCKADE's parking claw & wheel guard is an excellent anti-theft device for vehicles and rims.


Distribution of use in Germany (2016)

SUV, off-road vehicle
Sports car, luxury car
Oldtimer, collections
Caravan, mobile home
Trucks, trailers, vans
Government, commerce, housekeepers

Facilitymanager, landowner

Bets per month

Parking space management company

Bets per month

Authorities, police, bailiff

Bets per month

Private individuals, associations

Bets per month


Automotive trade


Car rentals


Authorities, police


House management

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