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TRUCKBLOCKADE Anti-theft system & immobilizer


Use TRUCKBLOCKADE for your own vehicle safety?

Become a commercial reseller of TRUCKBLOCKADE and benefit from more favorable purchasing conditions for resellers. After a short while, you will be approached by the advertising park authorities. In the long run, you will receive an attractive additional income without advertising, storage or investment.

There is no running minimum turnover, no fees, no running time.

Do you run a car house, used car space or car rental?

As a commercial reseller of TRUCKBLOCKADE, you can cover your own requirements for vehicle and space security through the favorable purchasing conditions for resellers. Also, an argument against your insurance company to reduce the premium in relation to theft.

You have   a chance to offer the TRUCKBLOCKADE parking kits to your customer in advance, at every car purchase or lease agreement. For example, if the vehicle is to be bought at a bank financing. In the case of a credit period of 84 months, the surcharge on the vehicle's credit rate would be only around EUR 5 per month.

Become an official branch of TRUCK BLOCKADE.

Please register as a reseller of TRUCKBLOCKADE as a Fiale. This does not cost you anything extra.

Your advantage is that you are registered as an official dealer with your location on our website. What automatically and without you adds additional costs to customers. TRUCKBLOCKADE's park claw is bulky and weighs around 13 Kg. For many customers, it is important to try the park cube once before buying it and then take it with you.

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